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Andjela Kovacevic

Love & Chocolate

Love & Chocolate Call for Artists

Arts Alive with Studio 659 of Whiting, IN, announces a new art show, Love & Chocolate. How has chocolate inspired love in your life? Is it the history of the humble cacao bean made into a bitter brew considered to be food for the Gods, chocolate and sweethearts or chocolate with wine? Show us your connection to chocolate and the emotions it invokes in you. We are looking for artists that feature their interpretations of Love & Chocolate.

Submissions can be paintings, drawings, photography, graphic design, sculptures, fabric work, jewelry (metalwork), etc. We welcome all creative artists, new and old, beginners and veterans alike.

Every artist can submit up to four pieces. All visual work must be ready to hang if possible. We do have easels and pedestals for articles as well.

No cost to submit your art for approval for the show.

The deadline to submit images of your work for consideration is Friday,
January 20, 2023.

You can email your images to

Art will be chosen by show curators Vicky Sanchez and Debra Salinas aided by Andjela Kovacevic.

Exhibition Dates will be Friday, February 3rd - Saturday, March 10th

You will be notified of drop-off dates or shipping information once approved.

The opening reception is Friday, February 3rd, 7 – 9 p.m. at Studio 659, 1413 119th St. Whiting IN.

Studio 659 is located 20 minutes from Chicago, in Whiting, IN. We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to cultivate art within the community, whether local school art programs, music education, theatre, or events, to inspire the creative spirit.

Curators: Vicky Sanchez has a long history working for nonprofit organizations in Chicagoland. Vicky is an active member in Whiting serving on the board of the Whiting Family YMCA and is an active member of Arts Alive.

Debra Salinas is an active member of Arts Alive and writer. She is a firm believer in sustaining art, music, and theatre within the community that inspire imagination and creativity. Without art programs our world would be colorless and tasteless.

Deadline: 01.20.2023
Name: Debra Salinas
Address: 1413 119th Street
Phone: 219-659-8828