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Looking for artist to create tiny art projects

I'm converting vintage cigarette vending machines into surprise art vending machines!  Art must fit in a box the size of a cigarette pack.  Art will sell for $5 and you can create a theme or just make everything random.  Artist will receive $2.50 for each piece so keep this in mind!  The rest will be used towards buying the machines, maintenance etc.  Ideas can be any kind of art from poetry to visual or any idea you can come up with.  Art doesn't have to be one of a kind but we don't want 5 people in a group getting the same item so we'll mix it up!  I also might need help decorating vending machines.

Deadline: 05.20.2020
Name: Chris
Address: 2021 N. Humboldt Blvd, # 1W
Phone: 7737049285