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Jonathan Meyer

Khecari's Resource Share Residency


As Chicago Park District Arts Partners in Residence, Khecari trades public dance programming for studio use. As part of our Redress initiative (, we would love to share this space resource with BIPOC/ALAANA* artists in our community every year during Khecari's winter studio break. Anyone who identifies as BIPOC/ALAANA* and is interested in this residency opportunity should fill out and submit this eligibility and interest form. We will determine the recipient by lottery.

*We understand that the BIPOC/ALAANA nomenclature can be insufficient and welcome your comments on how we can better represent this. Our intention is to let it continually evolve based on the desires from the community.


The Residency offers:
- Four weeks of studio space, February 6 - March 3, 2023
- Three days per week, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays (There is one Monday, February 20th, that the Cultural Center is closed for a holiday and there will not be rehearsal on that day)
- Three hours per day, 11am - 2pm
- The studio is the auditorium at Indian Boundary Cultural Center (2500 W Lunt), 864 sq ft. with a wood floor
- A no-tech informal work-in-progress showing at the end, Friday March 3, 2023, 7-8pm - call time at 6pm
- Pay for all the rehearsal and showing hours utilized (you are not obligated to use every rehearsal slot, but are only paid for days/times that you use the space), at Khecari's equal pay rate, currently $17/hr (The rate is based on a single artist; if you bring in collaborators to work with, we are unable to pay them as well)


- If you are selected as the recipient, you will need to sign a contract with Khecari and fill out a w9.
- You will need to email a simple rehearsal report after each time you used the studio to get paid.
- Pay is made twice monthly, after the 1st and 15th of the month and will arrive as a check in the mail.
- By Park District rules, you can bring in your own folks you're working with (dancers, musicians, your own children, etc.) but cannot bring anyone in from the general public for rehearsals, except for at the showing at the end, which will be hosted by Khecari.
- It's good to remember that the Park District is, in our experience, a goodhearted and imperfect system where sometimes doors don't get unlocked on time but folks are happy to figure out how to make up for lost time. We're looking for people who are happy to be part of the community there, however briefly, and roll up their sleeves if the floor isn't swept to their standards.
- We would also like to consider ourselves at Khecari goodhearted and realize that we are imperfect as well. We are all part-time contract workers who are juggling multiple jobs, raising small children, dealing with health issues, care-taking buildings and animals, and doing the best we can. We know that the people who will be most happy with this residency are those who are interested in mutual care, clear communication, and lending a hand where needed with the space and the future of the residency. We imagine this residency has the capacity to become more and more lovely over time through the care of many people and look forward to welcoming more people into the continuity of this evolution.
- We strongly encourage everyone interested in this opportunity to first visit the space at Indian Boundary Cultural Center (IBCC). We feel it is important for folks to experience the commute and see the space you'd be working in. Also, there are potentially triggering aspects to being at IBCC. The name "Indian Boundary" itself denotes a line created to ethnically cleanse the area. Within the fieldhouse, there is appropriated imagery of American Indian people including the symbol we now call swastikas. These aspects of being at IBCC are understandably difficult for anyone, and may be particularly triggering for Native Americans and Jews. We want to notify people in advance and to affirm Khecari's anti-racist stance.
- We also ask recipients of this program to be willing to assist us in continually improving upon the resident experience by offering feedback.
- Upon completion of this application, we will add your email address to our newsletter list to keep you in the loop of our offerings and hope you see you at our events in the future, meet you in person and develop a lasting relationship with you. (you are always welcome to unsubscribe if you are wanting to streamline your inbox.)



Name: Amanda Maraist
Address: 2210 W. Morse Ave.
Phone: 409-790-6794