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"Joy in the Movement" Art Show

Third Estate Art presents “Joy in the Movement,” an outdoor, socially-distanced art show August 19-30.

TEA seeks 3-5 artists to show work that reflects the theme “Joy in the Movement.” Maybe you’re finding joy in the struggle itself, kneeling in front of cop barricades. Maybe your joy comes from watching your grandma and grandpa slow dance in the kitchen and listening to the stories about their marches. Or maybe your joy comes from those quiet moments of reflection in the shower while washing off the BS of a long day. Whatever it is, we want to see that joy and power radiating out from your art.

Here’s the social distancing part: With venues closed for the foreseeable future and a second wave of COVID-19 (or still the first wave, but bigger?) coming our way again, we’ve tried to reconceptualize what we need to put on a real-life show and keep everyone safe. So we’re going to use what we’ve got—a yard and sidewalk in front of the TEA house. We’ll set up your art along the public sidewalk during open hours and let people experience it individually as they come by. We’ll have masks and hand sanitizer for the taking. And while someone will always be on the porch and we’ll never put your art out in iffy weather, your art does need to be sturdy enough to survive being outside and being moved around a bit.

If you’re selected to participate, we’ll work out a contact-free drop off time before August 12 and a contact-free pickup after the show ends. We’ll pay you $75, and we encourage you to leave cards or signage with your pricing and payment info in case someone wants to buy one of your pieces. There’s no fee to apply, and we don’t charge hanging fees or commissions.

To apply, email with at least three pieces that you’d like to submit for the show. Work can be in any media, as long as it can be displayed outside.

Deadline: 07.30.2020
Name: Cortney Philip
Address: 1823 W Touhy Ave
Phone: 3126599952