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Michael Workman

Hurm Editions, New Chicago-Based Indie Publisher of Transgressive Lit & more - Invites You to Join Our Mailing List

An independent publisher founded in 2023 as a press to release artist’s editions from Michael Workman Studio, including his graphic novel Biography of a Villain, due out in 2024, Hurm Editions also seeks to fill a void in the current international publishing landscape. In a culture increasingly sanitized by the infringements on art of corporate norms as community standards, that helps fosters a culture of mass shootings by refusing to depict the aftermaths of our national obsession with gun violence, and that claims to celebrate sexual identity while outlawing any depictions whatsoever of sex or eroticism, Hurm Editions seeks to supports work that challenges convention, pushes boundaries, and that revels in the grotesque, incoherent, offensive and obscene.

While many independent presses and publishers of transgressive literature have faded from view in recent years, or otherwise gone out of business, Hurm Editions recognizes that much original, intelligent, genre-busting and groundbreaking new work goes unpublished and unnoticed. We will publish original titles in literary fiction and graphic novels, poetry, occult and witchcraft, nonfiction, erotica, memoir, and the unclassifiable. As well, we seek essays, scholarship and writing that expands and works to preserve underrepresented histories and voices, including crip lit, LGBTQIA, Black arts, writing by sex workers, and the incarcerated, and that explore taboos in drug use and addiction, sex and pornography, violence (societal and otherwise), and other controversial subject matter that would otherwise be deemed illicit and unsupportable, often because of its implicit critique of societal norms. We seek to give voice to the poor, the disenfranchised, the disabled, outcast and delinquent, and some of our favorite writers (whose work would likely otherwise slip through the cracks today) include such critical voices as: Georges Bataille, John Rechy, Hubert Selby, Virginia Woolf, James Baldwin, Kathy Acker, Anaïs Nin, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Maquis de Sade, Italo Calvino, Jorge Luis Borges, Dennis Cooper, Jean Genet, J.G. Ballard, and Fyodor Doestoevsky.

Hurm Editions is currently building its mailing list, which you can join by singing up here. All new publication announcements and calls for submissions will be announced through this mailing list. Currently, we do not accept open submissions but feel free to query your work by emailing us here.

Deadline: 12.31.2024
Name: Michael Workman
Address: 2858 W. Belle Plaine Ave., Floor 3, Floor 3
Phone: 2243075479