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Visual Art ,
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Tracy Kostenbader

Home Not Home

AnySquared offers Home Not Home, an examination of the complicated dichotomies of the idea of home.

Home Not Home will investigate various themes, including, but not limited to: belonging/not belonging, freedom/captivity, safety/danger, comfort/discomfort, inclusive/exclusive, building/destroying, and place/displacement. Home Not Home aims to demonstrate that while the concept of home is universal, the experience is very personal.

Home Not Home Premiere Exhibition
June 24–July 10, 2023
At Agitator Gallery
3851 W Fullerton, Chicago, IL

This exhibition is the launch of AnySquared's Home Not Home series, which will run through 2024 at various venues in Chicago. AnySquared will partner with artists, venues, organizations, and the community to explore these themes through exhibits, live performances (ex: music, spoken word, poetry, dance, puppetry, performance art, etc.), film/video screenings, public art, zine proposals, workshops, and discussions.


ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR: Painting, Drawing, Photography, Sculpture, Installation, Video, Performance, Spoken Word, Music, and Sound, as well as Workshop and Presentation Proposals.

This Home Not Home exhibit is the first of the AnySquared's series through 2024. Because of the capacity of the gallery space, we may consider works not selected for this exhibition for other venues and events in the future.

See below in "Requirements" how to submit documentation for each kind of submission. (NOTE: Artist can submit work in more than one category.)

Please follow this link to a google form:

REQUIREMENTS to gather for the form:

1) Contact information: name, email, phone number, Instagram, and/or website.

2) Short Description (up to 150 words) about how your work relates to the Home Not Home theme.

3) Submit the Documentation of work. You may upload work in one or more categories as needed. (Upload size limit is 1G for the entire form):

   • VISUAL ART: up to 5 JPGs, (Including title, dimensions, materials, + description)

   • SOUND or MUSIC: 1-3 MP3s (up to 5 min and 100MB each)

   • SPOKEN WORD, COMEDY, or STORYTELLING: Up to 5 min - MP3 (100MB) or MP4 (1G)

   • VIDEO: MP4, 15 minutes or less (up to 1G)

   • PERFORMANCE: MP4 (video) 15 minutes or less. (up to 1G) (JPGs or a short description of up to 400 words can also be submitted but are not required.)

   • INSTALLATION or INTERACTIVE PIECE: sketches (JPG), description, and space needs (up to 400 words)

   • WORKSHOP/PROGRAM PROPOSAL: title and description of the workshop (up to 400 words)


a) READ Full Description & Requirements.

b) GATHER and prepare your information and documentation ahead of time.

c) FILL OUT the form below, upload image, sound, document, or video files, and then submit the form.

d) FILENAMES: use first initial, last name, and a number for each file.

(example: tjones1.jpg, tjones2.jpg, tjones3.jpg or gsmith1.mp3, gsmith2.mp3, etc.)

Link to form:


For questions or information about the exhibition or application, email

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