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Adrian Mesino

.gif Theater

Performing Artist Call for conceptual performing arts show.

The Elgin Group is proud to announce .gif Theater, a multiplatform performing art show coming to the Elgin Fringe Festival in 2022. Created by Elgin artist Augie Morado III, this show celebrates the .gif image format through the art of pantomime.

.gif Theater consists of live performances of .gifs – Graphics Interchange Format images. From popular ones, like Homer Simpson retreating into a bush, John Travolta in Pulp Fiction trying in vain to find the intercom, to the more obscure; a variety of genres will be explored. This shows production will be minimal, a simple set will be constructed to frame the performer. Within the frame, the actors will perform a gif, quickly resetting at the end to do it again. This act will happen 50 times. The goal is to achieve an animated realism or simulate the cycle of the file by performing its most essential elements: sequentially, efficiency, and repetition. This is as much a study of performance mimicry as a test of concentration and endurance.

We are looking for 2-3 performing artists who are up to the challenge of this conceptual show. Applicants who are familiar with internet culture and performing arts are encouraged to apply but formal training is not required. Performance venues may range from storefront, street, and small venues in Downtown Elgin, September 2nd - 11th. The application deadline is June 6th.

Rehearsal will take place from June - August, at Side Street Studio Art Theater. For compensation, a $150 stipend will be paid for 6 hours of rehearsal and up to 3 performances where the artist will receive additional compensation based on ticket sales and other monies.

With questions, please contact:

Augie Morado - Director/Producer

Adrian Mesino - The Elgin Group Committee Head

Deadline: 06.09.2022
Name: Augie Morado
Address: Elgin, IL
Phone: 8474298343