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Visual Art ,
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Caren Helene Rudman

Ephemera: The Power of Impermanence

The Art Center Highland Park (TAC) is looking forward to bringing the community together for an ‘alive and well’ art experience. For the last year, we have been extending work outwards into the community, from virtual exhibits to art in our windows. Now, we invite the talents of artists to fill our walls (and floors) with the many ephemeral art processes that span the range of impermanence.

The formal definition of ephemeral art includes, “art that only occurs once, like a happening, and cannot be embodied in any lasting object to be shown in a museum or gallery.” However, The Art Center Highland Park is looking to take street art off the street and bring it into the galleries! TAC is searching for artists who would like to participate in this unique exhibit including art forms from chalk and graffiti, to video and performance. The amount of wall or floor space will depend on the number of artists, but we want to fill the center with art and energy

We are also expanding in our definition, not only art that uses natural materials but art that may reflect the transient nature of things existing in the natural world.

Submit proposals on with images, drawings, and/or plans. Please include descriptions in space allotted.

We will be filming the “performance art” aspect to document the process and will schedule artists appropriately to accommodate for social distancing guidelines.

The exhibit will coincide with our annual benefit. Community members will also have the opportunity to share in the exhibit both within our galleries as well as extending into their own homes by purchasing chalk art kits, spreading creativity with chalk art!

Guest Juror/featured artist: Victoria Fuller

Deadline: 03.23.2021
Name: Caren Helene Rudman
Address: 1957 Sheridan Rd, Highland Park, IL 60035
Phone: 847-432-1888