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Visual Art ,
submitted by
Jane Beachy

Envisioning Justice Artist & Humanist Commissions

Deadline: Dec. 16, 2020 at 5pm CST

Illinois Humanities seeks to commission Illinois artists and humanists to make new work that: sparks dialogue about the impacts of mass incarceration on Illinois communities; portrays or otherwise renders visions of a world without prisons; is driven by a particular focus on the experiences and points of view of system-impacted individuals and communities; aims to shift the narrative around mass incarceration by connecting the arts and humanities with public policy; or aids in network-building and partnerships amongst groups and individuals working to envision and actualize a truly just society.

IH will award a fee of $6,000 to selected artists and humanists of all disciplines, with particular emphasis on those working in disproportionately system-impacted communities. Commissioned work will be displayed in a dynamic digital exhibition with some really exciting interactive features designed to get users engaged and involved. Examples of commissioned work from humanists might include documentaries, oral histories, small group discussions, written work, historical perspectives, and beyond. Examples of commissioned work/media from artists could include (but are not limited to) film, video of performance work, photography, creative writing, or music. We anticipate the resulting digital exhibition and attendant “Activation Kit” will receive substantial attention from across and beyond Illinois.

For more information or to apply, visit our website. 

Name: Jane Beachy
Address: 125 S. Clark Street, Suite 650
Phone: (312) 422-5587