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Stina Taylor


How is light defined in reference to art? There are many variables, from contrast of light and dark, to light sources. Artists manipulate the elements of light through shades of colors, overlapping, and shaping, creating the illusion of light. Moreover, the artist’s consciousness is the vehicle for bringing light into their art and their surroundings. In the dictionary, enlighten is defined as “to give intellectual or spiritual light to; instruct; impart knowledge to.” The Art Center Highland Park (TAC) is searching for art that reflects the many values of LIGHT both literally and spiritually. Guest Juror: Bert Leveille Bert Leveille, a contemporary Chicago area artist with a Harvard, Starline studio, creates art and art installations exploring consciousness. Collaborations include Shawn Coyle who, inspired by Leveille’s imaginative large scale art and 15 foot tunnel, choreographed the dance “Tunnel”. A collaboration with Angela Swan and Cellmod on Sept 11, 2015 evolved into a moving tribute to 911. Leveille’s mediums include video, animation, LED colored changing lighting, materials and canvas, and acrylic paint. Each installation offers a unique experience for the artist and the art viewer.
Deadline: 03.22.2019
Tags: art, competition, artcall, exhibition
Name: Caren Helene Rudman
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