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Scott Merchant

Director for 2022 Spring Circus

CircEsteem’s 2021 Spring Show will be an extravaganza incorporating all currently enrolled youth! There will be approximately 75-100 youth involved in the bulk of the performance and up to 200 additional youth who perform in smaller capacities.

CircEsteem is seeking a Director for this show who has previous experience directing youth ensembles and can work with a variety of program coordinators and teaching artists to implement their vision. CircEsteem is looking for someone with a proven track record of including youth voice in artistic creation.

The director will not choreograph or coach individual acts, but will communicate the theme, narrative, and vision for the show. As the acts will be created across a variety of programs, the director must attend all in-person programming every week for Chicago Youth Circus and Performance Troupe and periodically attend HomeWork & CircusWork programming in order to ensure that their vision is being implemented and the acts being created meet the vision the director has developed. The director should be able to create a vision for this performance by soliciting input and feedback from the youth on important themes and narratives in their lives, while threading these themes together across youth of various ages and from varying communities around Chicago. CircEsteem’s COVID safety guidelines will be enforced.


  • Provide artistic and creative vision
  • Create show narrative incorporating program participants input
  • Determine the show’s theme and acts with creative input from all CircEsteem youth
  • Build and implement storyboard
  • Create and implement show production schedule across all programs (CYC, Performance Troupe, HWCW - onsite, Gage Park, Rogers Park, McCutcheon, Hefferan, Walsh)
  • Determine transitions (clown acts)
  • Collaborate with film editor, costume designer, set designer, various program coordinators, and any other necessary members of the production team
Deadline: 12.22.2021
Name: Dan Roberts
Address: 4730 N Sheridan, CircEsteem
Phone: 773-732-4564