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Cultural Asset Mapping Project/ Chicago Park District Call for Artists

Call for Artists

Chicago Park District
Cultural Asset Mapping Project

The Re:Center initiative was a long-term visioning process for all 15 cultural centers in Chicago Park District’s network. From 2015-2020, Re:Center established a collaborative framework to seed and grow cultural programming based on neighborhood needs and assets. Re:Center continues into 2020, working with artist teams to develop community-engaged mapping sessions that build off of existing data and connections. These mapping sessions are intended to be incremental, interactive, and activated by selected artists through storytelling, performance, writing, filmmaking, and any other community-engaged, generative art form. In line with Re:Center, we continue the process of empowering community and artists to develop citizen-driven, creative solutions to address needs and aspirations in our larger community.

This mapping exercise would typically be developed on-site through a series of in-person gatherings – predominantly an analog process, and then be documented and summarized through digital representation and illustration tools. Due to COVID-19 and our current extended stay-at-home order, this process will now begin online with internet-based tools that engage participants digitally in order to gather (publicly shared) data and anecdotal input. In turn, this research, data, documentation and the processes used, will provide raw material and inspiration for a collaborative artistic response by each artist team. It is expected that these original art works will be ready for installation, exhibition or performance at selected Cultural Center locations (see below) by Fall 2020, when stay-at-home restrictions are anticipated to be lifted.

Scope of Project:

  • Audit & Orient
  • Gather & Map
  • Engage & Envision
    • As a cohort, develop and co-facilitate a workshop sequence that engages neighborhood communities in imagining relevant cultural programs that activate local assets and artistry, while identifying the resources required to actualize and support these initiatives
  • Creatively Respond
    • Produce an original art work in any medium that creatively interprets or responds to the work at hand.

Project Timeline

June Applications due June 12th

Select and onboard artist teams

July-September Launch digital engagement strategy with communities

September-October Final analysis of data and creative output

October/November Public launch of findings through online maps, artist creative

output, and installation of physical maps at Cultural Centers

Desired Assets

  • Demonstration of competency in organizing or enacting civically engaged projects
  • Desire and willingness to collaborate with other artists, community, and the Chicago Park District
  • Demonstrated commitment to community service, social justice or civic engagement in artistic practice and/or professional experience
  • Connection to neighborhoods where target locations are located. Selected locations: Austin Town Hall, Douglas Park, Humboldt Park, Piotrowski Park, and South Shore Cultural Center
  • Digital and organizational competence
  • Strong communication skills and cultural competence
  • A strong creative practice
  • Artists with an emphasis on narrative arts (IE: storytelling) or performance-based arts (IE: theater) or civically-engaged arts (IE: creative placemaking) are strongly encouraged to apply

Artist Fees

June Training & team meetings: 8 hours x $20: $160

July-Sept engagement & data gathering: 35 hrs per month x 3 mos x $20: $2100

Creative output: $750 (materials inclusive)

$3010 per artist

Application Guidelines

For consideration, please submit the following as a single email with attachments to:

  • As attachments:
    • Current CV or Resumé [PDF]
    • Work samples: 3-5 images and/or video links of recent creative projects [Formats: JPG, Vimeo, YouTube, MP4]
  • As text in the body of the email:
    • A numbered list of works submitted, providing title, year, materials, timestamps for video excerpts and 1-2 sentences providing context for each of the submitted visual/video attachments and its relation to community and/or civically engaged practices
    • A brief paragraph about your interest in this project and how it connects to the larger trajectory of your practice engaging communities
    • Please answer, in a sentence or two, the following questions:
      • Question #1: Is there a particular community you would want to work with? Why? How would the community benefit from your participation in the project?
      • Question #2: What online platforms and software are you familiar with? What programs are you interested in learning, if any?
Deadline: 06.12.2020
Name: Latham Zearfoss
Address: 7059 S. South Shore Dr.
Phone: 312-742-PLAY (email preferred)