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Contribute a Video Performance to RNWBL Fest's Livestream & Help Fund Renewable Energy Projects

RNWBL Fest is an online & live event festival that directly funds new renewable energy projects. 

If you are a musician or live act and would like help fund new renewable energy projects by participating in RNWBL Fest, fill out this Google Form & submit a video, and we’ll feature it on our livestream and socials (credited & tagged).

Each set should be around 10 minutes in duration. You can submit a video up to 1 GB, or multiple clips & we’ll edit them together. Please include the name of your act/band name, a description of the video, where we should link to, and if you are submitting an original work or cover.

All profits generated from RNWBL Fest are used to write grants that build renewable energy projects. We believe that funding community, municipal, and small-scale renewable energy projects catalyzes the overall transition to 100% renewable energy by bringing awareness to the technology’s readiness & efficiency to deploy. Help us achieve this goal!

You can learn more about RNWBL at or @rnwblco & @rnwblfest on all socials.


Name: RNWBL Fest
Address: 14 E Jackson Blvd
Phone: 7737595838