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Visual Art ,
submitted by
Richard Stasewich

Collaborative Projects with the artists of littletreesinpots nfp

Collaborative Projects are pretty straight forward, you have desire and drive and ambition and all that other stuff, and we have some donated resources including traditional art materials, non-traditional materials, some equipment, some exhibit space and even some storage space, and a few artists in their late sixties who have recently concluded that it could be a whole lot more fun to actually get a project done while working together with a few other artists than to let those precious materials keep sitting on that shelf and never get used at all.

The best way to see images of these is to do a Craigslist search on the address 2647 North Western Avenue;  Secret Codes:  c) has images posted on Craigslist  c) x does not have images posted on Craigslist yet

Traditional Art Materials:

      Watercolor paper

      Illustration board

      Occasionally pencils, charcoal, graphite and other drawing materials

      Charcoal drawing paper in lots of colors

c)   For Sculptors of small wooden objects: Assorted Hardwood Pieces

c)   Short Rolls of Seamless Paper

      Tempera paint

Less Traditional Art Materials:

c) x Medical Products

c) x Barbie Dolls and Action Figures

c)   Tin Ceilings Pieces

c)   The mechanical system for an outdoor year-round heated pond and waterfall

c) x A fiberglass deer

      Watch Crystals

      Tanned leather hides

      Fake tanned leather hides that comes in a big roll (when I was a kid they called it Naugahyde)

c) x Mannequins

      A landscape on Oasis green foam florist’s blocks

c)   Ostomy Product Sample Kit

c) x Rolls of wallpaper trim

c) x Oxygen tank for welding

c)    Hallmark Mini Gift Bags Gold Damask with White Flower Bud and Ribbon

      A metal cart just like the ones the mailmen use


Epson flatbed scanner, purchased from Microcenter, never used, it was easier to just keep using the office printer/scanner

Sony HDR-CX240 camcorder also purchased from Microcenter, also never used, about 4-5 years old

Digital SLR camera that I bought used from Dodd Camera, also never used

A brand new decades old complete welding set

An ancient Large format slide projector

An old Carousel slide projector

Vintage Pioneer SX-424 Stereo Receiver

The best way to see images of these is to do a Craigslist search on the address 2647 North Western Avenue

Secret Codes:

c) has images posted on Craigslist

c) x does not have images posted on Craigslist yet

Deadline: 06.27.2021
Name: Richard A Stasewich
Address: 1921 N Kedzie
Phone: 312-835-5296