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Visual Art ,
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Elaine Luther

Clocking in for Unpaid Labor

How to Participate
Clocking in for Unpaid Labor is a new public participation art project where people are invited to collage, sew, quilt, paint, whatever, a time card in order to express something about the unpaid labor that they do.

Whether that work is emotional labor, housework, childcare, unpaid aspects of freelance work, those new parking meter machines*, whatever unpaid labor you do, make a timecard about it.

Be sure to put your name and email address/some contact information, and social media handle (mostly IG) on the back of the time card. This project is open to all genders and all forms of unpaid labor.

There are no restrictions on type of media. Ideally, art will not extend more than two inches beyond the time card itself, and some portion of the time card should remain visible.

Get a free time card by mailing a business sized self addressed envelope to:

Elaine Luther
PO Box 5292
River Forest, IL. 60305

International folks can do Venmo or something instead, use the web form on my site to contact me. (Or maybe you could find them on eBay and share with your friends?)

Free card, just pay postage.

Name: Elaine Luther
Address: PO Box 5292, River Forest, IL 60305
Phone: no phone number available