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{Chicago Printers Guild} Call for Virtual Workshop Proposals - one week left!

The mission of the Chicago Printers Guild is to bridge the gap between commercial printing and fine art printmaking, bring awareness of print culture to the Chicago area through activity such as lectures, workshops, field trips, and art exhibits, and build a supportive network for printers, graphic designers, and print interest-minded people.

This year the CPG is continuing a focus on virtual programming and we are excited to announce our call for virtual workshop proposals from Chicagoland-area artists.

Please explain your concept for a 35-45-minute workshop* that you can provide from your home/studio. Please include an outline with time estimates as follows:


· Introduction—please create a slideshow that includes up to 5 images of the process used in your own work (5-10 minutes)

· Overview of materials and supplies—handout (5 minutes)

· Actual demo (25-30 min)

· Q&A (5-10 minutes)

A moderator from the CPG will assist with coordination and facilitation of virtual platform logistics as well as host the workshop. Once selected, the presenter is expected to create a document for attendees to review beforehand which provides a written description of the presentation and includes a list of materials or unfamiliar terminology.

Applicants should send info above to with the subject VIRTUAL WORKSHOP and must also:

· Include a link to their website and/or attach 2-3 examples of work

· Have access to a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device and reliable internet service

· Indicate whether the workshop is participatory (from home using materials attendees are likely to have on hand) or solely demonstrative for further exploration.

· Indicate if you are comfortable with the workshop being recorded for open source sharing or not.

Compensation: $200 ($50 for planning, $150 for demo)

Deadline to Submit: 2/25/2021

Applicants notified: 3/5/2021

Proposals will be selected in the context of the year’s entire schedule. Our aim is to provide variety in our workshops in terms of media and approach.

*Workshops do not need to be print-specific, other mediums such as fiber arts (surface design), book & paper arts, zines and comic workshops are acceptable, these are just examples—get creative!

Name: Chicago Printers Guild
Address: N/A
Phone: N/A