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Casting for a "Comic Rabbi" for a program at actual weddings & bar mitzvahs

Seeking ASAP, terrific actors/comedians with incredible comedy chops to portray a COMIC RABBI character. We perform at actual weddings, bar mitzvahs & other life cycle events. In addition to PROFESSIONAL PAY, each program is approximately just 20-25 minutes in length.

Open to ages 18 & up but MUST HAVE a Catskills/Borsht Belt comic sensibility a la Billy Crystal, Jackie Mason, etc. He is our front man - a hilarious "EMCEE" who has the audience in the palm of his hand within the first few seconds. A great actor or great stand-up alone will not do, as what's really needed is a melding of both!

Very flexible schedule--if you're not available you don't have to accept a particular gig when offered to you. Also, very easy rehearsal schedule as you'll not only be provided with videos from our performances, but we'll simply chat over the phone or via Zoom. We also have troupes doing this exact program in a variety of cities throughout the U.S & Canada so if you ever relocate you can have a job waiting for you.

TO BE CONSIDERED: Please email us at: 

and in the subject line write, "COMIC RABBI- CHICAGO". Do not call our offices please. We also require the following: pic, res, your direct number, links to any comedy reels you might have (or a link to your website that features the above.) In the body of the email tells us about your comedy background & knowledge of Jewish Culture. Although not a requirement, if you have your own vehicle, or access to one, mention that as well.

We are looking for talented performers who really GET & OWN this character and who could take advantage of this unique program! We look forward to your submission!

Deadline: 12.31.2022
Name: pasproductions
Address: National offices
Phone: Do Not Call