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Call for Writers: Awakened Voices Issue 12

Awakened Voices seeks writers for our upcoming issue!
About Awakenings
The mission of Awakenings is to MAKE VISIBLE the artistic expression of survivors of sexual violence. Awakenings is home to a multi-media art gallery featuring the artistic expressions of rape and sexual abuse survivors. By showcasing stories of survival, we are helping survivors find peace and healing while simultaneously challenging the cultural taboos that prevent an honest discussion of sexual violence. Please take a look at our website for more about us and what we are doing!

About Awakened Voices
Awakened Voices is the literary branch of Awakenings. Issues are published twice a year and The Nightingale publishes blog pieces every other week. About this submission call We are especially encouraging submissions of flash fiction, fiction, vignette, and graphic/visual work.
Issue 12 will publish in June 2021. We publish electronically with free pdf copies of the issue available to all.
Please submit up to 7 pages of prose double spaced, 3 poems, or 3 visual art pieces in a DOC, DOCX, jpeg or PDF file.
    • Writing/art must be on the topic of sexual violence and survival.
    • We prioritize submissions from survivors, secondary survivors, counselors, and educators of sexual violence.
    • We accept profanity.
    • We encourage a short author biography.
    • We offer $12 per piece at this time, and we will be strong advocates for your work.
    • We may ask you to consider edits for typos, clarity, and grammar corrections.
    • If you have any requests regarding formatting or layout please include them in the comments field.
    • We accept submissions of both unpublished and previously published works. Please note if the piece has already been published.
    • We will do our best to read and respond to your piece in 5-6 months.
There is not a theme for this issue (for the first time!). Okay, but what are we looking for? Glad you asked! We ask writers to consider how craft can further the story they are telling. We really, really, really, encourage writers to proofread their work or have someone proofread their work before sending to us.

We tend to lean in for works that include reflecting, reclaiming, reimagining, or in some way processing some of the immediacy of violence. In other words, we tend to lean away from pieces that simply place the reader in a graphic moment of violence or danger. We do acknowledge healing looks different for everyone. A piece does not need to be hopeful or particularly uplifting, however, we do ask you to consider the impact of your piece on potential readers who may be fellow survivors, allies, and advocates.

All of this is what we tend to; you are welcome to show us something that we probably don’t see often! Show us through fiction, creative nonfiction, comics, visual art, or poetry (or a mix of genres!) the conversation all of us want and need to engage with around sexual violence.
To submit, please visit:
Name: Abby Mros
Address: 4001 N Ravenswood Ave Suite 204-C, Chicago, IL, 60613
Phone: 773.904.8217