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Justin Seow

Call for Submissions: _Tools_ From Scratch

___ From Scratch is a new printed magazine that is gearing up to release its first issue: Tools From Scratch. We are opening a call for submissions for visual and written works that have to do with the process, history, and joys of using and making hand tools. 

We are looking for illustrators, graphic designers, and writers who would like to submit pieces, and proposals for review. If accepted, a commission can be negotiated.

Visual artists may submit individual pieces to be published, or ask to be selected as an illustrator for a written piece. If applying for the latter, send along images of the style/previous illustrative works. Prior knowledge of these topics are not necessary, but are desirable.

Current written pieces that may need illustrations cover: Stone tool making, Blacksmithing to make a blade, How to make a bloomery to smelt iron ore, Making a ceramic kiln.

Deadline for completed submitted pieces is 3/31/2021.

If proposing a written piece, and it is accepted, the first draft will be due 3/24

Visual pieces are due 4/5.

Below is a letter from the editor:

___ From Scratch is a portal into the beautiful and hidden world of things made.

This magazine combines the sensitivities and knowledge of artists, practitioners, scholars, and scientists to illustrate the making processes of the world around us and what it takes to do something “from scratch.” Essays, interviews, instructions, and art are brought together to illuminate the methods and histories of each themed issue. ____ From Scratch exists to celebrate the intersections of History, Contemporary Craft, and Science in a digestible and artful manner.

The goal of each issue is to pull back the curtain of process, and to lay bare the methods used to bring about the fabricated world. Topics will range from tools, bread, houses and even extend to humor and films. By the end of each issue, our inquisitive readers will have experienced a broad introduction to many or all aspects of doing something from scratch.

Each issue is home to morsels of information intended to be utilized in practice, or to jump start the learning process of a craft. This might include instructions to make a sourdough bread starter, diagrams to make your own wooden plane, or instructions to build a kiln for ceramics. Each issue lays the foundation for our readers to start their path toward a deeper understanding of making.

In a world of fast fabrication and disposable design, ___ From Scratch begins as a small flame in the darkness, to shine light on the knowledge, care, and joy that comes from the earnest attempt at doing a lot when starting with a little. I hope that you’ll join our community of passionate artisans, teachers, students and dabblers to learn about the many ways in which people all over the world, through all points in time, have made incredible things from scratch.


Justin Seow

Editor of ___ From Scratch

There is more information on the submission process on the website: 

Deadline: 03.23.2021
Name: Justin Seow
Address: 2001 S Halsted street
Phone: 6086301876