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Leejin Kim

Call for Submissions: Art Teleported 2025: The Art Show and Conference for Nomadic Artists

Art Teleported 2025:
The Art Show and Conference for Nomadic Artists

CICA Museum
The Art Show: January 8 – 26, 2024
Conference: January 12, 2025

Project website:

CICA Museum invites artists, creative writers, scholars, and art lovers worldwide to participate in “Art Teleported 2025,” the Art Shows and Conference for Nomadic Artists. The exhibition is set to run at the CICA Museum from January 8 to January 26, 2025. The online conference is scheduled for January 12, 2025, and all sessions will be streamed live on YouTube. During a session, each speaker will give a presentation lasting 10-20 minutes, which will be followed by a group conversation also lasting 10-20 minutes.

Through Project Art Teleported, we aim to create a global network among nomadic artists, designers, audiences, and communities and promote understanding and appreciation of each other, so they can make, share, appreciate, and live in art in any region and culture.

Every artist/researcher of an accepted proposal will be provided with an opportunity to discuss the merits of his or her contribution with peers as a Presenter. It is required that the Presenter will pay the registration fee, attend the events and present in a session.

Presenters will take part in the group exhibition at the CICA Museum. Each artist can display a maximum of three artworks. The artist is responsible for the shipment and delivery of his/her work to and from the event space, as well as all related expenses. The exhibition will feature photographs, prints, paintings, video art, sculptures and installation pieces.

-Photographs & 2D Digital Art
Selected works will be printed on A3 (297 x 420 mm) foam poster board, and installed by our curators and assistants. If requested by the artist, works can be printed and framed in different sizes. Additional fees may apply. If a special printing process is required, the artist may print and frame the works, and ship them to us. Please refer to the “physical works” guidelines below.

-Video & Interactive Art
We will provide projectors and DVD/DIVX players for the show. Multiple single-channel works will be screened through a projector. If the work needs to be exclusively shown through a projector, or if more than two projectors/monitors are required, please specify these special requirements in the submission email. Additional fees may be applicable.

-Painting, Sculpture & Installation Art
The artist is responsible for the shipment and delivery of his/her physical work to and from CICA Museum, as well as all related expenses. We recommend that the artist submits a two-dimensional piece that is no larger than 39 inches (1 meter) on the longest side, and an installation artwork within 39x39x79 inches (1 x 1 x 2 meters, width x length x height). For wall-mounted pieces, the weight should not exceed 10 kg. If you plan to exhibit works that are larger than these limits, kindly indicate this in your submission email.

Presenters will also be featured in the book “New Media Art 2026,” expected to be published in December 2025. The book will be available in major bookstores in Korea, and in the United States and other countries via Amazon.

*This year’s categories include:
-Visual Culture/Cultural Studies
-Art and Globalism/Localism
-Art and Diaspora
-Art and Artificial Intelligence
-Instruction-based Art
-Virtual/Augmented Reality Art
-Art and Social Media
-Art and Mass Media
-Art Performance
-Wearable Art
-New Media Culture
-Game Art
-Web Art
-New Media Art utilizing Mobile Apps or Devices
-Installation Art

* How to submit: Please visit our website for more information

Name: CICA Museum
Address: CICA museum, Samdo-ro, Samdo-ro
Phone: 0319886363