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Visual Art ,
submitted by
Mark Albin

Call for Photography for Musical Production of "35mm"

Art 4 is inviting artists to submit photography to visually represent musical elements of Art 4’s upcoming production of 35mm: A Musical Exhibition* by Ryan Scott Oliver. Selected photographic work(s) will serve as the primary visual focus of the musical production in order to create an immersive, guided, and theatrical gallery-style journey from start to finish. The selected artist(s) will be compensated for their contributions. *NOTE: Art 4’s production will only be virtual performances to protect our artists and patrons during the pandemic. All selected works will be featured within the final pre-recorded production footage through ticketed password-protected software.

35mm is a multimedia theatrical experience, exemplifying the power of collaborative art forms. Originally, inspired by the photography of Matthew Murphy, American songwriter Ryan Scott Oliver composed a transformative musical theatre song cycle. With rock melodies and contemporary riffs, 35mm showcases snapshots of American life in the modern age.

The jurors are looking for visual interpretation of the musical in selecting images to accompany the production. Artists should consider the ideas and influences of Ryan Scott Oliver’s music within 35mm. Work(s) submitted should evoke, reference, or enhance the production’s aesthetic, emotion, or libretto. For more information, 35mm is available on Spotify, or by visiting Samples of Matthew Murphy’s photography used in the original premiere of the musical are available for reference here,

Artists may submit one or multiple images for each track/song title in the musical. Below, the musical numbers are listed in the order they will be presented during the production:

Song Title
1. Stop Time (1:18)
2. Crazytown (5:07)
3. Transition 1 (0:34)
4. On Monday (3:44)
5. Caralee (2:29)
6. The Party Goes with You. (4:28)
7. Good Lady (3:42)
8. Transition 2 (1:03)
9. Make Me Happy (2:17)
10. The Seraph (4:53)
11. Immaculate Deception (3:13)
12. Transition 3 (0:24)
13. Leave Luanne (7:33)
14. Mama, Let Me In (2:52)
15. Why Must We Tell Them Why? (3:55)
16. Twisted Teeth (3:36)
17. Hemming & Hawing (5:06)
18. Transition 4 (1:15)
19. Cut You a Piece (5:29)
20. Transition 5 (1:03)
21. The Ballad of Sara Berry (4:50)
22. Finale (3:16)

Submissions may include black and white, color, alternative processes, photo collage, film, digital, or any other photographic medium.

This is an open national call, to artists at least 18 years of age or older, at all levels of experience and skill, residing in the United States. Submitted work must be complete and presentation-ready. All work must be owned by the submitting artist. Artists may submit work to be considered for one or multiple musical number(s).

a. Name all files using the format:
“Song Title Number_Song Title_Artist First Name_Artist Last Name” - Ex.: “2_Crazytown_Aaron_Albin”
b. Images should be 1920x1080 pixels or an aspect ratio of 16:9 aspect
c. JPG/JPEG Files Only
d. Video submissions (if applicable) should be Full HD 1080p

Submissions must be received by Saturday, September 5, 2020 at 11:59PM EST. No exceptions.

Online submissions only. There is no limit to the number of images you may enter. You cannot change or remove images once they’re submitted. All entries should be submitted by completing Art 4’s Photography Call form located below.

Information to be included on the form below:
1. Artist’s full name and contact information
2. Link to artist resume and headshot
3. If necessary, any specifications or details that should accompany your image(s)
4. A brief artist’s statement between 300-500 words
5. All file transfer link(s) (Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer) for the work being submitted

By submitting images, you agree that:
i. The images are your own work
ii. Artists retain copyright to their submitted work
iii. Artist takes full responsibility for their photos and the content within them, including the recognition of any individuals who may be captured

Artist retains all rights to their work. Art 4’s goal is to enhance the audience experience and fulfill the artistic need for this show with contemporary American art. We will never exploit one’s work or use it without permission. Should we select one’s work, the artist grants Art 4 specific rights to reproduce the work for use on Art 4’s website, social media, and, where appropriate, to promote and market Art 4’s musical production of 35mm. We will always credit the artist and their copyright when possible. We will use images for no other purpose without written permission.

Images will be considered individually and not as a group. Images will be reviewed by the following panel:

  • Dr. Aaron Albin, Executive Director, Art 4
  • Mr. Mark Albin, Artistic Director, Art 4
  • Ms. Susan Moore, Professor & Chair of the Fine Arts Department, Indiana University South Bend

Artists of selected images will receive:

  • $50 per song title/track for up to a total of $1,100.00
  • Promotional marketing on Art 4’s website, email, and social networks
  • Live streamed interview on social featuring the artist and their contribution(s)
  • Opportunity to participate in an online exhibition sale
Deadline: 09.04.2020
Name: Aaron Albin
Address: 237 N Michigan St, Apt 908
Phone: (515) 205-9498