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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Photography ,
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Jenny Lam

Call for Photographers: LAMINATOR Zine

Artists on the Lam is thrilled to announce the launch of our inaugural zine, Laminator! All artists, poets, and writers from anywhere in the world are welcome to submit work for publication!

In an ever increasingly digital world, we often find ourselves seeking ways to unplug, searching for the tangible, the analog, something tactile and physical we can touch and hold with our own hands, something to keep and cherish as a memento, as ephemera, something to lose, something to find, something to give and share with a loved one like a secret.

And, much like the soothing sounds of a pencil scratching on paper, there’s just something about the feel of flipping through the pages of a good book.

What we're looking for:

  • Visual art
    • All mediums and forms are welcome! Examples:
      • Drawing
      • Painting
      • Photography
      • Printmaking
      • Collage
      • Etc.!
  • Poetry
  • Prose
    • All forms are welcome, including non-fiction such as personal essays, anecdotes, letters, etc.!

There’s no theme; submit your best work! (But if that’s too broad for you and you’d like some guidance, here’s a theme Artists on the Lam has always been obsessed with: Dreams. Interpret that however you wish.)

There’s no application fee! It’s free to submit to the zine!

Ready to apply? Complete the steps here (there's also an optional additional opportunity for visual artists in the form of an online art show).

Deadline: 11.06.2023
Name: Jenny Lam
Address: Chicago, IL
Phone: 8779262