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Call for ILLINOIS Artists: Illinois Supreme Court

These works will be placed in the Learning Center of the Supreme Court Building. This site is meant to educate about and inspire interest in the Illinois Judicial system, allowing visitors to learn about the Illinois courts and how those courts affect our lives.

The learning center will be created in collaboration with Taylor Studios. The Supreme Court will provide pedestals for the works to be placed in the learning center. The size of the pedestals will be dependent on the size of the busts. The works will either be placed in an alcove directly next to the restroom, or on the wall immediately next to the alcoves under two wall sconces.

This project seeks to exemplify the diversity of the Illinois Judicial System. By showcasing Mary
Ann McMorrow and Charles Freeman, the Illinois Supreme Court is looking to showcase the
history of the court as well as the direction it is hoping to head in the future. Both of these
justices are highly distinguished, serving on several committees and associations such as the
Women’s Bar Association of Illinois and the Illinois Judges Association and receiving awards
such as the Medal of Excellence from Loyola University and the John Paul Stevens Award
representing excellence in Illinois.

This project will allow visitors of the learning center within the Supreme Court building to view
the independence and impartiality that the Illinois Judicial System operates with through these
two exemplary justices.

The Illinois Supreme Court is looking for two busts, one of Mary Ann McMorrow and one of
Charles Freeman. The bronze busts should capture the likeness of each justice as closely as

Name: Art-in-Architecture Coordinator
Address: 401 S. Spring St 3rd floor
Phone: 2177829561