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Call For


Visual Art ,
submitted by
Ivonne Cruz

Call for Artwork: portraits

A traditional role of visual art is to describe our self and our surroundings. Portraits capture the accuracy of physical characteristics but the very best also transfer a sense of an individual’s unique personality. For thousands of years this role was reserved for images of those in positions of power, influence and authority. The portrait not only signifies who they are, but also solidifies class structure by presenting only the highest-ranking members of a society. Portraiture is a very old art form going back at least to ancient Egypt. Throughout the history of visual art, the portrait has evolved through many stages. Whatever the subject might be, the portrait attempts to reveal the true expression of the face, to capture the emotion of the moment, which otherwise would be lost forever. The subject reveals their true self to the artist, almost as if naked, and reveals the most intimate parts of their soul to the scrutiny of the artist. Call for portraiture artwork in any medium; abstract, traditional or somewhere in between.

Name: Ivonne Cruz
Address: 2436 W MADISON C-1
Phone: 7735126167