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Visual Art ,
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Jill Danto

Call for Artists: Cancer Season

The burgeoning conversation around astrology has grown from niche to mainstream within the past decade. Whereas the dawning of the “Age of Aquarius” was distinct for being profoundly spiritual from the 1960s through the 1970s, the interest in astrology has wavered since. Recently, the belief in zodiacs has reignited with sparks, basing the source of its energy from internet meme pages and a generation looking for spiritual guidance after traditional religions have been rendered taboo. A typical first conversation is less often, “what’s up,” and more often “what’s your sign?” The sign is now used to determine a connection before it has even been made. This complicates the fringe ideology becoming mainstream: is believing in astrology also a social safety net, a way to catch oneself before falling for a desire which is already predetermined to be doomed? Cancer Season, which ranges between June 21st through July 23rd, is a time which is believed to bring about great emotional contemplation. Those who embody this star sign may feel the effects of the season in various ways, and their approach to an artistic practice can be seen through a lens of their assigned zodiac. Using the Cancer zodiac as a point of curatorial investigation, this exhibition hopes to reexamine astrological belief from casual to crucial through contemporary images. The exhibition is slated to be held at Co-Prosperity Sphere, an experimental cultural center located in the neighborhood of Bridgeport, from July 5th through July 20th. Please email to be considered in this show with a statement of intent, five to seven images for reference, and current website/social media.
Deadline: 05.03.2019
Name: Jill Danto
Address: 3219 S Morgan Street
Phone: 2489439036