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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Call For


Visual Art ,
submitted by
Phoebe Hurd

Call for ART - Image, Text, Protest

Throughout history signs, flyers, and handouts employing powerful images and text all serve to communicate ideas in impactful ways as tools of protest and of community building. This exhibit, which runs at the same time that the Democratic National Convention is in Chicago, will strive to uplift the artistry of image combined with text.
OPAL partners with the Gerber Hart Archives for this exhibition to take a look at both the historical significance and the human perspective offered through the storytelling power of the sign. In this moment of political importance, works from the Gerber Hart archive will be displayed alongside signs designed by artists participating in the exhibit.

Outdoor installation: As part of this exhibit OPAL will make available blank political yard signs for artists to create their own street-facing message. This is an open call. See our other call on CAC for details on this part of the exhibit.

Name: Bryan Northup
Address: 720 Chicago Ave
Phone: 5102344336