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Bridge Seeking Audio Field Recordists

Bridge, Chicago's 501 c 3 not for profit publishing and programming organization, is seeking qualified volunteers to join our recordists corps. 

As part of our public charity mandate, Bridge has organized the Your Turn campaign (more info about the program is available on our site).

Your Turn is designed to provide a way for participants to share their stories and become part of the larger demographic effort to prioritize crisis resource needs around the city as part of our Assembly Zones program, partly designed to provide "public health stations" where people in "information deserts" can access low-fi resource information help, perhaps a pull tab with mental wellness numbers, or assistance with domestic abuse (we’re figuring that out now, and will host a public convening and manufacture a prototype design this year).

People sharing their stories with us helps us figure out what the greatest needs are in specific parts of the city. 

"What we really want to know is: what neighborhood in Chicago do you live in, and how easy or hard has it been to access crisis resources during the pandemic? Including SNAP benefits or other food resources? Have you been able to find help and support facing domestic abuse, eviction, substance use, abuse and addiction, mental illness, unemployment insurance, or anything else you'd like to tell us about? Your survival stories will be transformed into posters that will be put up around Chicago to elevate your voice and that of others who are fighting to makes ends meet."

Bridge has already launched a sticker campaign inviting members of the public to share their stories through our website. We are also undertaking an effort to set up "listening stations" in June, throughout July and for the first half of August at locations throughout the city. 

Many of these listening stations will be operated out of the Range Mobile Lab, artist Mat Rappaport's converted GMC step van, and recordists are needed to fill times using our equipment.

We are also seeking volunteers with their own equipment (this may just be a phone, so long as the audio is clear enough) to interview others -- family members, colleagues, classmates, friends -- with recordings to be added to the Your Turn archive.

Please inquire below with specifics (whether you are available for Range Mobile Lab dates, are seeking to do your own field recording, or both), along with a resume or c.v., and any prior experience working with audio programs such as Audacity (none is required).

Deadline: 06.14.2021
Address: 2858 W. Belle Plaine A, Floor 3
Phone: 3128411186