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Michael Workman

Artist Seeking Dancer(s)

I am seeking a dancer(s) to either collaborate with on or pay to perform in an upcoming performances of my Active Investigations series of movement-based social interactions exploring the connection between language, movement, and those forces that govern our behavior in the public sphere. Incorporating an urban planning approach across definitions of “place identity,” the work is adapted site-specifically to a public staging wherever the work is intended for presentation.

Upcoming iterations include a first circumscription of my home neighborhood of Irving Park in Chicago. Using evidentiary markup tape and movement studies of the area's design geometrics, as well as the interaction of the public and government custodianship of the space, we will devise a number of markups that will remain over time, yielding a graffiti-like movement vocabulary capable of extending moments indefinitely, at each location, on an arbitrary route.

Movement responses to the markups, combined with earlier movement studies, will yield a dance produced in collaboration, perhaps unwittingly, with these various other stakeholders of the day-to-day space. Re-performances using the previous markups are a planned component of this series, as is the use of video of each staging in future dance for camera and experimental film outings. The dance notational markups will remain in place for whomever may like to reproduce the movement they trace as well, until weather inevitably fades or displaces them.

Please send links at least 10 samples of recent dance work, at (ideally) least two published writing samples either writing about dance, or using writing as choreography, or that in some way incorporates movement and two-dimensional graphic elements to record dance movement, and a cover letter explaining your interest to

Deadline: 08.14.2022
Address: 2858 W. Belle Plaine A, Floor 3
Phone: 2243075479