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Artist in Residence-International Museum of Surgical Science

Call for Artist in Residence Applications at the International Museum of Surgical Science

Due to COVID-19, our Artist in Residence deadline has been extended. Applications will be accepted until June 1st, final decisions will be made on July 1st.

As artistic practice occupies an increasingly pluralistic field, The International Museum of Surgical Science believes that artists are uniquely equipped to extrapolate on Museum collections in innovative ways and introduce novel perspectives to the institutional depiction of medical history. The IMSS Artist Residency Program provides working artists with:

  • Access to the Museum's extensive collections and archive

  • Visibility on the Museum's website and social media channels

  • A month-long capstone Solo Exhibition (or equivalent presentation) at the Museum

There are two residency sessions per year and both are a duration of four months. The Residency is open to practitioners of any medium. Collaborators may apply but are limited to 1 application as such. Those applying as collaborators are restricted from applying simultaneously as individuals. Applicants must reside in Chicago or surrounding suburbs or plan to reside in Chicago or surrounding suburbs at the time of their residency. The Museum does not cover the cost of travel to or from the city for this Residency and does not furnish a stipend for accommodations. The Museum selects one artist or artistic collaborative session.

The International Museum of Surgical Science does not and shall not discriminate based on race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.

How to Apply

Required Application Materials:

  • Applicant Contact Information

  • 1-10 Examples of Work in any medium

    1. Images should be attached in .JPG, .TIFF or .PDF format; time-based media should be attached in .MOV or .MP4 format.

    2. Files should be numbered 1 - 10 and will correspond with a Works List including titles, medium, etc.

    3. Multiple images documenting a single work (for performance, installation, etc.) are not to exceed 3 images.

    4. Time-based media examples, including video, are not to exceed 5 cumulative minutes.

    5. Writing examples are not to exceed 10 cumulative pages of text.

  • Works List

    1. Works should appear on this list sequentially and correspond numerically with the Examples of Work.

    2. Each entry on the works list should include a (1) Title, (2) Medium, (3) Year of Production.

    3. Entries may be accompanied by explanatory/supplemental text not exceeding 50 words per work example.

  • C.V. or Résumé

  • 3 References

    1. For each reference, please include (1) Name (2) Relationship to Applicant (3) Years Acquainted and (4) E-mail Address & Telephone Number.

  • Artist Statement (500 words maximum)

  • Residency Statement of Intent (1000 words maximum). The statement must address the following 3 prompts:

    1. In what ways would your practice benefit from this Residency? In what ways do you envision access to the Museum's collection informing your work?

    2. Are you currently working on a project that you would intend to carry through a Residency at the Museum? if not, what kind of project might you undertake as a Resident?

    3. How do themes of the body, medical history, or health science figure into your practice?

Please visit for further application instructions.

Deadline: 05.31.2021
Name: Shannon Fox
Address: 1524 N Lake Shore Dr.
Phone: 312-642-6502 x 3113