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Jade Daugherty

Artist Accountability Partner

Have you started four different scripts over quarantine?

Did you record an intro for a podcast that just sorta fizzled out?

Do personal to-dos somehow feel both overwhelming and inconsequential?

I’m Jade. I’m a comedy screenwriter/performer and Accountability Partner. I provide accountability for creative projects, and people, in the form of weekly check-ins, complete with notes/feedback. I’m stricter than your friends but less intimidating than Gordon Ramsay. And I want to help you finish that edit, polish your pitch or finally organize your spice rack.

You can learn more about me, my background and services at You can also sign up for a free 30-minute call to see if I’m the sort of accountability partner you need. If not, ghost me! I won’t take it personally.

Pricing between $30 - 150/session.

Deadline: 05.30.2021
Name: Jade D.
Address: xxx
Phone: xxx