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Visual Art ,
submitted by
Caren Helene Rudman

Art & Science

Art & Science have always been interdependent, from the chemistry of paint, the theory of color, to the visualization, illustration, and imaging within the field of science and research. TACHP is searching for work that addresses how art and science intersect and the ways we can interpret and manifest this intersection using the many mediums available to us as artists.

Guest jurors and featured artists, Olea Nova and Rajee Aryal both create work that explores how to merge art and science in interesting and complex ways. Olea reflects an abstract version of vibration, weather and sound in contrast to Rajee’s coding of her photographs, transformed into painting that redefine the meaning of computer science. The goal of this exhibit is open for interpretation of the relationship between art and science.

The exhibit will run concurrent with Ellen Sandor and (art)n, Visualizing in a New Light. 

Deadline: 03.25.2020
Name: Caren Helene Rudman
Address: 1957 Sheridan Road, Highland Park, IL 60035
Phone: 847-432-1888