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Visual Art ,
submitted by
Elaine Luther

Art in Matchboxes Show/Good Things/Small Packages

Make art inside a small matchbox to be displayed in a group show in a 1:12 scale (dollhouse size) art gallery, the Angelica Kauffman Gallery.  The galleries are 12" x 12" white cubes, plus a wine crate and two dollhouses.

You can paint, collage, draw, cut, anything.  You may use the sliding outer box, or not.  (FYI, you can buy plain white matchboxes that do not have the striking strip on them, if you don't want all your matches to be boxless.)

Find the gallery on Instagram @angelicakauffmangallery 

The gallery is a member of the international Guild of Micro Galleries.  We also accept proposals for solo shows and guest curation.  

No fees, no commissions taken.  All sales go through the artist.  All work accepted, BUT, must be SFW, family friendly and gallerist reserves the right to not show work.

Please complete the google form here:

And mail your art to: PO Box 5292, River Forest, IL 60305.

Name: Elaine Luther
Address: PO Box 5292, Forest Park, IL 60130
Phone: 773.555.1212