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Visual Art ,
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Daniel Kinkade

African American or Caribbean American Artists Needed

Residential design project. Client is African American and desires work from African American or Caribbean American artists. 

Client does not want a lot of color (some color is ok, but client prefers a more neutral look). Client is not a fan of 100% abstract nor 100% representational works and desires something in the middle, somewhat abstracted. 

Client is not interested in political works, nor pop art.

Ideal sizing would be 42x42 inches square or 56 high x 42 inches wide on canvas. 

We are open to commissioning a piece close to or exactly at these sizes based on an already sold piece or a piece that isn't the correct orientation or size for this project. 

Budget is open. 

Deadline for submittal is June 16, 2021. 

Deadline: 06.17.2021
Name: Daniel Kinkade Fine Art
Address: Chicago
Phone: 3128022754