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Abrazo or embrace is a new call for art and was born out of a desire to celebrate (and embrace) an even broader community of artists during this 10th year of Verum Ultimum. It will push the boundary of what is possible. Every artist that enters this call for art is guaranteed to have 1 work accepted. It will be Verum's biggest exhibition to date and will serve to celebrate the depth of talent and vision within Verum's sphere. Verum Ultimum has exhibited thousands of artists over the past ten years with juried exhibitions that customarily feature between 45 and 75 artists per exhibit. Abrazo will embrace the entire pool of entries and Verum welcomes the challenge of creating a cohesive voice from the mass (making it come together visually, thematically is one of the best parts of the process). This exhibition is sure to vibrate with energy, celebration, and acceptance. Verum looks forward to embracing what comes in!

As always Verum is open to the artist's interpretation of the theme and artists may elect to define the theme "Abrazo" literally, figuratively, abstractly, symbolically, socially, politically, culturally, and beyond. What do you embrace? Is acceptance important to your art or your practice or do you prefer to operate outside of the mainstream? What do you embrace through your work? What do you discard or leave out? All mediums are welcome and artists are encouraged to enter small, medium, or large works (no larger than 50" on any side). Please keep in mind that Verum cannot accomodate an exhibition of all large works (within the virtual 3D space), so if you enter a large work, please make the additinal entry small or medium. This exhibit will definitely include some large works to balance the space.

Please consider celebrating this 10th year with Verum Ultimum..the scope of this exhibition will be vast!

Some of the particulars of the exhibition include:


Selected artists will be featured in a virtual group exhibition online on the Verum Ultimum Art Gallery website. This includes an exhibition page and virtual viewing galleries that show the work in scale. Artists will also be featured through online blogposts. Social media attention and promotion will remain on this exhibition for a minimum of 5 weeks (beginning in July).


Entry Deadline is June 3, 2023

Deadline: 06.02.2023
Name: Jennifer Cutshall
Address: PO BOX 86685
Phone: 3477528915