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I am representing the Student Activities Board of the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am running this project for the twenty second of February. We are hosting an exhibition, that represent the ideas behind biases. Social Justice plays a big role especially in todays day and age. Issues ranging from police brutality, immigration and labor rules and regulations.    Consider this a platform to get the word out, make a difference in the lives of young students. Their attitude towards bias can be moulded today.    If you are interested in having your artwork exhibited, please reply and furthermore help make a difference and spread the word!
Deadline: 05.20.2019
Tags: Art and Social Justice, Criminal Justice, Art Events Chicago Collect Consultation Marketplace exhibition performance
Name: Timothy C. Oommen
Address: 700 South Halsted StreetCommons West 7345Chicago  Illinois  60607United States
Phone: 3129344507