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2022 Franconia Sculpture Park Artist Residencies

Applications Close: August 1, 2021

Entry Fee: $25 / $15 Franconia Alumni

For information on all residencies please visit:

Franconia Sculpture Park 2022 Artist-in-Residence applications are now open! This year we’re announcing two new exciting opportunities for Artist Families and Writers.


Stipend: $5000

Spring (April 6, 2022 - June 15, 2022)

Summer (June 22, 2022 - August 31, 2022)

Fall (September 7, 2022 - November 23, 2022)

The Franconia Fellowship supports mid-career artists with a $5000 stipend and the opportunity to stay between three weeks and three months during our Open-Call residencies. This is a self-directed residency, and Fellows are responsible for developing, producing, and installing their work.


Stipend: $750

Spring (April 6, 2022 - June 15, 2022)

Summer (June 22, 2022 - August 31, 2022)

Fall (September 7, 2022 - November 23, 2022)

The Emerging Artist Residency represents 25 years that Franconia Sculpture Park has upheld a long-running work exchange model that equally cares for artists and organizational sustainability. While offering professional support and growth to emerging artists, the 50-acre sculpture park receives site and operational support with the help of our Emerging Artist Residents. This is a process-based residency. The rural setting and the chance to work alongside peers, mid-career artists, and visiting art curators create a dynamic setting for critical, technical, and professional growth within a collaborative exchange model.


Stipend: $2000

July 12-16, 2022 or July 19-23, 2022 | Youth (Aged 8-13)

July 26-30, 2022 | Teen Intensive (Grades 9-12)

The Artist Family Residency supports Artist Parents and Artist Youth alike with a one-week residency at Franconia during July. Coinciding with our Youth Installation Summer Camps, Artist Youth are invited to camp during the day while the Artist Parent can be on-site for research or production. For Artist Parents, this is a self-directed residency. The Artist Family benefits both from the individual creative process and also through togetherness. A culminating Parents & Community sharing of Summer Camp Works provides a joined capstone experience for the Artist Family.


Stipend: $1000

(January 19 - February 2 or February 9)

Entry Fee: First two weeks FREE; $25 thereafter / $15 Franconia Alumni
The Writers Residency
will accept three to four accomplished writers to join Franconia Sculpture Park in 2022. Writers span a range of arts-focused disciplines and will receive a stipend, full room & board, and a two to a three-week residency at the 50-acre outdoor sculpture park. The writers-in-residence in this program will immerse themselves in the new environment and embrace the time and space to move forward in their work. Arts-focused writers may have an opportunity to publish with, the online publishing extension of the Walker Art Museum.

Deadline: 07.31.2021
Name: Ellina Kevorkian
Address: 29836 St Croix Trail N
Phone: 6512576668