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Visual Art ,
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Julia Kemerer

1st Annual Mother Earth Market

Online Pre-Sale: April 30 – May 6, 2022

Indoor-Outdoor Main Event: May 7 & 8, 2022

Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods is looking for Artists, Artisans, Makers and Local Businesses and Organizations to be vendors at the 2022 "Mother Earth Market." Taking place every spring between Earth Day and Mother’s Day, the market features and celebrates local artists, makers, vendors and organizations who are inspired by “Mother Earth” and working towards a more sustainable future. As a special treat, the Mother Earth Market will also feature live music performances, storytelling presentations, drop-in classes, activities and more! A full schedule of events and times will be available later this spring.


Being Part of the Market

Items sold in the Market may include (but are not necessarily limited to): artwork, notecards, jewelry and personal accessories, functional objects for the home or garden, decorative items, toys, personal care items, artisanal food items, plants, Mother’s Day gifts, as well as items, services and educational materials related to community wellbeing and a more sustainable future. THE MAJORITY OF ITEMS SOLD BY EACH VENDOR MUST BE IN SOME WAY REALTED TO NATURE, WELLBEING, THE ENVIRONMENT AND/OR BE ECO-FRIENDLY (subject matter, materials used, function, locally made, etc.), but we encourage a wide variety of interpretations of that theme.

Please visit https://www.brushwoodcenter.or... for more information or to apply.

Name: Julia Kemerer
Address: 21850 N. Riverwoods Rd., Riverwoods, IL 60015
Phone: 2246332426