Sarah J. Belknap & Joseph Belknap

"We are stargazers. We are in love with the ineffable. We are in love with the cosmos. Somewhere in the vastness of interstellar space is a tiny blue marble spinning, magnetized and orbiting a star. We look up in the fall at the Milky Way, showered in cosmic rays; we feel the vertigo of hanging upside down on monkey bars as children. We ask ourselves, well, how did we get here? So we gaze harder into the sky, ourselves, and use instruments that view beyond the limits of our eyes. We are looking for love and romance. We call out into the cosmic wild. We yearn to explore, we yearn for zero gravity, we yearn for magic. We light cigarettes with the sun, we x-ray ourselves holding objects from space and we dance into the morning waiting for the sun to come back." Their exhibitions include "All At One Point," Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; "Super in the Natural," Dominican University, River Forest, Illinois; "Our Findings From Spaceship Earth," Roxaboxen, Chicago; "2 of a Kind," LVL3, Chicago; "Exchange," CAVE, Detroit, Michigan; "Line of Site," Western Exhibitions, Chicago; "IT'S GETTING HOT IN HERE," Chicago Artists Coalition; "Romantic Notions," Los Caminos, St. Louis, Missouri; "Video Night," Airplane, Brooklyn, New York; MDW Art Fair, Chicago; EDITION Fair, Chicago. Sarah Belknap and Joseph Belknap are Chicago-based artists and educators who receive their MFAs in performance art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. They have been collaborating since 2008. Learn more about Sarah and Joseph's solo BOLT exhibition,"Center of the Circle".

BOLT Residency

2012 - 2013,
Artist Resident