Madeline Winter

Nominated by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Madeline Winter is a visual artist whose painting explore memory, or more specifically, what happens when we are denied personal access to creating our own memories. Examining the loss and longing felt for places never visited, her work also incorporates the importance of other’s personal memories, as well as cultural generalizations and stereotypes. Winter’s work explores what it means to be a ‘hyphenated American,’ in the context of being an exclusively English-speaking child raised in the Midwest while constantly yearning for the tropical Latin culture of her immediate family’s past. Madeline Winter currently lives and works in Chicago. She is a recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Image: Deflated, 40" x 24", Oil on Canvas, 2013. 

LAUNCH Invitational

2014 - 2015,
Artist Resident