Darien Wendell

Nominated by Northwestern University My artistic practice is preoccupied with deconstructing and reconfiguring our bodies, histories, and selves as they are known through systems of domination, colonialism, racism, sexism, oppression, and repression. My artistic interests are formed at the intersections of black, queer, feminist theories and their applications to form, discourse, and the visual. My focus in making and creating art is to break down and complicate hegemonic modes of thinking and hegemonies as they are socially known and institutionally reinforced. Specifically, I attempt to employ and redistribute resources, space, and value that encourage alternative modes of being and moving. This being encourages tools that prioritize collectivity, inter-subjectivity, and self-reflexivity. This moving is cognizant of the space it takes up and the energies it utilizes to shift its spatial locations. I invest in both of these actions as a praxis of liberatory politics often through taking care to address, make visible, embody, or perform the invisible/dispossessed. My work is transdisciplinary without a specific medium or concentration. Instead I take up the materials necessary to address the issue/problem/conflict/contradiction at hand. This has taken the form of poetry, installation, painting, drawing, and craft works, to name a few. The diverse range of mediums I engage is directly ties to my motivations in making art. Each project or work arises from research and is tailored to the specificities of subject matter. Image: Things Unsaid, 2014.

LAUNCH Invitational

2015 - 2016,
Artist Resident