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Sarah O'Heron

Nominated by Northern Illinois University

As an identified jeweler and metalsmith, I work both traditionally and non-traditionally. My
work combines metalwork with natural found material. I am a collector by habit of natural
objects, which I often have the most sentiment for out of my possessions. The objects I collect
are integrated into the art pieces I make. I compare this process to the spiritual concept of
Transmigration, which is said to be the migration of a soul into a new body. I work around the
natural objects I collect and hope to transform their presence into a new existence.

The jewelry I make is intended to adorn the human body, but is also suitable for display.
I’m interested in the history of adornment through an anthropological lens and often ponder the
question, why do humans adorn themselves? Along with the history of adornment, and
anthropology I’m interested in the subject of science related to the process and material of
jewelry and metalmsithing. However, my work is not limited to jewelry, and neither is my media.

I also create wearable and non-wearable sculpture, as well as two-dimensional work
such as prints and drawings. The media I mostly work with is wood, fiber, resin, metal, and
found material to create my pieces. I am highly process driven, and I entertain myself on the
thought of my practice as alchemy.

Image: Deerest Necklace, silver, felt, cubic zirconia, deer jaw bone, 9”x7”, 2018


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Artist Resident