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Edra Soto

Edra Soto is a Chicago­based artist, educator, curator, and gallery director. She obtained her Master  of Fine Arts  degree  at The School  of  the Art  Institute  of  Chicago  in  2000,  as well  as attending Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Beta­Local in Puerto Rico, and most recently  the  Robert  Rauschenberg  Residency  Program  in  Captiva,  Florida  though  a  3Arts Fellowship. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.
Some  of  her  latest  presentations  include:  The  Elmhurst  Art  Museum  Biennial, The 4th Poly/Graphic  Triennial  of  San  Juan  and  the  Caribbean  and  the  co­curation  of  the  exhibition Present Standard, at the Chicago Cultural Center with overwhelmingly positive reviews from the Chicago Tribune, Newcity and Artforum.With  her  husband  Dan  Sullivan,  she  designed  and  fabricated  THE  FRANKLIN,  an  outdoor project  space  that  they  co­direct.  This  project  has  been  supported  by  the  3Arts  Foundation, Northeastern  Illinois  University  and  the  Propeller  Fund.  Soto  and  Sullivan  received  a 
commission from the Chicago Transit Authority, and her GRAFT project will be featured at the Western  Avenue  stop  on  the  train  line  to  O’Hare  Airport.  Her  work  has  been  exhibited  both nationally and internationally.

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