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Patrice Perkins

Patrice N. Perkins is the Creative ESQ. behind Creative Genius Law, a law firm serving creative entrepreneurs, innovators and change agents. Her clients are all game-changers looking to impact the world in creative ways. She provides legal counsel on business start-up and maintenance matters, transactional law, intellectual property (copyrights and trademarks), social media, advertising and marketing law. Recognized by the American Bar Association as a “Legal Rebel”, she encourages clients to leverage their intellectual property and abandon the starving artist mentality. She uses the law to protect and nurture creativity rather than stifle it. Patrice is committed to empowering creative minds with legal know how and frequently presents workshops on important legal topics affecting creative and social entrepreneurs Cyberspace for organizations such as Chicago Creative Expo, Chicago Urban League and the Chicago Artists Coalition. She is also a member of the professional development advisory committee for Chicago Artists Coalition’s Survival Guide. Patrice blogs regularly at Creative Genius Society.

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