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Brittany Krohmer


My work explores the relationship between the human condition and
the eagerness to understand past memories. As we move forward in time,
we leave traces of who we are which dictates how we will be perceived by
future generations. Through the collection of items that are discarded or
left behind, I began to defne my position as an artist by my emotional and
aesthetic attachment to these knickknacks. The use of such items in my
work is intended to convey a search for purpose and relate to my sense of
curiosity and aesthetic vision. These items are often functionless, show
traces of human trafc, and are often dated, which sparks an interesting
feeling of nostalgia. Using these items re-purposes them in a way that
creates a narrative as well as ofering an alternative view of past realities.
Using collage to explore abstraction has informed my fgurative work by
allowing me to discover interesting uses of color and composition. It is my
hope that my work provides elements of surprise and frustration. It is a
common theme for us as humans to seek out answers though our past,
and my work is a manifestation of this exploration.

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Artist Resident