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HATCH Projects

Feeling is Mutual

"If You See Two of Something, Buy It," performance by Mothergirl, 2014. Image: Mothergirl
"If You See Two of Something, Buy It," performance by Mothergirl, 2014. Image: Mothergirl
A group show with Mothergirl, Jake Myers and Latham Zearfoss
Friday, February 7, 2014 to Thursday, February 27, 2014
Opening Reception: February 7, 6 – 9pm

HATCH Residency artists Mothergirl, Jake Myers, and Latham Zearfoss present three environments in which commonly understood interactions are held up for scrutiny. These encounters reveal the ways in which we define ourselves through our direct cooperation with, or opposition to, those around us.

Mothergirl’s If You See Two of Something, Buy It, assembles a closet full of identical pairs of performative objects and garments, inviting the audience to examine their similarities and inconsistencies and consider the implications of the shared language created by close relationships. A variety of object-based performances will take place at the opening reception. 

Jake Myers challenges the viewer to choose sides in his interactive installation Stone Throw, a re-creation of an Olympic curling rink. Gallery attendees are invited to join a team of artists to glide on synthetic ice, throw fabricated stones, and drink together in friendly competition. Myers’ experience of school athletics emphasized hyper-competition, physical intimidation, and at times even violence. By contrast, his family’s curling experiences provided a relaxing, yet athletic, retreat. Through his use of absurd materials, Myers aims to further minimize the tension of competition in Stone Throw, creating an experience where everyone wins.

Latham Zearfoss’ Court of Public Apology (COPA) is a platform for earnest attempts - local and global, intimate and expansive. At reconciliation with those who have been wronged, Court of Public Apology (COPA) considers the complex motivations that underpin confession and redemption. 

Feeling Is Mutual aims to conjure empathy through shared experiences of resolution and allegiance. Audience and artists will seek to identify themselves within the work, and perhaps find a greater understanding for how they engage with the world around them. Genuine absurdity helps to minimize, but not detract from, the presentation of self and how one chooses to align themselves publicly and privately. This exhibition is curated by Meredith Weber and Anna Trier (Happy Collaborationists).