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Anna Showers-Cruser

Anna Showers-Cruser, "Tuck N’ Roll," 2016, Binding gauze, plaster, latex, foam, pigment, synthetic eyelashes, silicone, paracord, human and animal hair, tape, plastic, vinyl, Dimensions variable

Anna Showers-Cruser is Chicago-based artist and educator, originally from Richmond, VA.

Anna creates hybrid sculptural forms that act as propositions for non-hegemonic expressions of gender. In conversation with both abstraction and craft traditions associated with the decorative to build a lexicon of community language, the work expands sculpturally on the foundation of known forms in Queer history. A current project, "With Furs & Ordinaries" imagines an alternative lineage of southern family history, queering the forms of the liturgical banner, protest sign, heraldic flags and family crests.  

Anna’s work has been included in recent exhibitions across the US, including Ground Floor 2016 at the Hyde Park Art Center and at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago. Anna earned an MFA from the University of Chicago in 2016 and a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art, and currently serves as Associate Director of Terrain Exhibitions.

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Artist Resident