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Andi Crist

"Mountain Shape 1," printed ink on paper, 8"x8", 2012
"Mountain Shape 1," printed ink on paper, 8"x8", 2012

Andi Crist's practice is characterized by the physical history of the scavenged materials she sources, specifically appropriated photography and found furniture. These are developed into objects and landscapes that range from the seemingly nostalgic, or inherently comfortable, to the abstract and unfamiliar.

Her furniture and works on paper are conceptually rooted in themes of re-purposing and taming "vastness" into more intimate, tangible structures that relate to the viewer’s physical body. An interest in home furnishings comes from a personal history of nesting-as-remedy. Recent works references domestic themes such as furniture, organizing and traditional craftwork through site-specific installations, printed multiples and small-scale sculpture.

Crist was born in Birmingham, Alabama and received her BFA from Columbia College Chicago in 2011. She currently co-manages Autotelic, a community studio space catering to a small group of artists in Logan Square.

Learn more about Andi Crist​’s HATCH exhibitions Foggy Fantasies/Zones of Privacy and Suddenly Plastic.



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