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Alexandria Eregbu

Alexandria Eregbu is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and arts administrator whose concerns lie primarily in performance and community engagement.

Eregbu’s work looks through a contemporary art lens at racialized and gendered bodies that have been institutionalized and are publicly visible.

In 2012, Eregbu curated "Marvelous Freedom/Vigilance of Desire, Revisited" at Columbia College Chicago. This curatorial project re-examined the first "Marvelous Freedom/Vigilance of Desire"—a Surrealist exhibition shown in Chicago in 1976. The exhibition sought to engage the richness of Chicago’s Surrealist history in order to address new visions of 21st-century Afro-Surrealist aesthetics and cultural concerns.

As an artist, Eregbu’s work has been featured in two solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions including "Seminar with Clifford Owens," Brooklyn, New York; "Feedback," University of Chicago Washington Park Arts Incubator, Chicago; and "Mythologies," Sullivan Galleries, Chicago. She was recently awarded the Propeller Fund Grant 2013 for The (Con)-Solidarity Project, where she will focus on bringing arts programming to consolidated Chicago Public Schools.

Eregbu earned her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Learn more about Alexandria Eregbu​’s HATCH exhibitions Modi • Operandi (on recipes, intimacy, trauma & other investigations)The Square Root of Pi(e), and Quasi-Choreography.

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