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Rebecca Parker

Rebecca Parker, "Untitled (Stand by Your Man)," dual projection, 2013
Rebecca Parker, "Untitled (Stand by Your Man)," dual projection, 2013

Rebecca Parker is interested in creating opportunities and experiences that shift people out of their everyday routines and frames of mind.

She embraces the challenge of convincing family, friends and strangers to interact with her in unexpected ways in an effort to prompt dialogues. She thrives on honest and authentic interactions that arrive in moments of unexpected—but shared—circumstances. Parker examines her own Southern culture, traditions and relationships to inform how she constructs the possibility for interaction with the people around her.

Parker has performed and shown work in various galleries such as the Nexus Foundation for the Arts, Philadelphia, PA; Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, Bulgaria; ArtSpace, New Haven, CT; Elsewhere Collaborative, Greensboro, North Carolina; SOHO 20, New York; and Chasama, New York.

Rebecca Parker received her MFA from the University of Connecticut.

Learn more about Rebecca Parker​’s HATCH exhibitions Release Show and Stand So Close To Me.

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Artist Resident