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HATCH Projects

Happy Collaborationists (Anna Trier & Meredith Weber)

Happy Collaborationists is the curatorial collective of Anna Trier and Meredith Weber.

“Happy C” provides exhibition opportunities for performance, installation and media works, including (but not limited to) solo exhibitions, public programming and private event planning.

In 2008, Happy C was founded by Anna Trier. Anna also works at Links Hall, where she runs the LinkUp Residency program, dabbles with graphic designs and occasionally caters for special occasions.

Weber joined the HappyCollaborationists in 2010. She is the co-founder of CUSP: Chicago Unconventional Spaces & Projects. Weber is also a founding member of the performance-art group, Before Cake, After Dinner (BCAD). Together Trier and Weber collaborate on a performance art practice under the name "Meredith and Anna." 

Trier holds a BFA from Columbia College Chicago in studio art and art history.

Weber holds a BA in art and design from Columbia College Chicago.

Learn more about Happy Collaborationists​’s HATCH exhibitions pARTicipatory and Feeling is Mutual.

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